What Can I Do About Urinary Incontinence?

You may have a condition known as urinary incontinence if you find yourself peeing a little bit when you laugh, sneeze, exercise, or cough. For some people, this is common after pregnancy and childbirth. For others, it could be a sign of something else. 

In any case, if you live near Las Vegas, nurse practitioner Celine Nesjan at Echo Aesthetics & Wellness can evaluate your medical history and symptoms and create a personalized treatment plan for you. 

Possible causes of urinary incontinence

Not all urinary incontinence looks the same. Some people may experience a slow drip during their daily activities, while others struggle to make it to the bathroom in time. Unfortunately, this legitimate medical condition carries a great deal of shame and stigma. 

The inability to hold your urine doesn’t make childish or infantile.  Some common causes of incontinence include urinary tract infections (UTIs), high intake of caffeinated beverages such as coffee or tea, medications that alter your blood pressure, certain muscle relaxers, and symptoms associated with menopause.

Both men and women can experience problems with incontinence. In men, the problem is most likely due to an enlarged prostate. No matter what the cause, help is available for you.

How incontinence is treated

 After nurse practitioner Nesjan evaluates your medical history and runs any necessary lab tests, she will discuss an appropriate treatment plan with you. There are many therapies available, depending on the severity of your condition – and not all of them include having to wear adult diapers for the right of your life!

At Echo Aesthetics & Wellness, some treatment options include antibiotics (if incontinence is a result of a bacterial infection), pelvic exercises to do at home, alpha blockers (for male patients), and estrogen creams (for female patients). 

Another option for female patients is an Orgasm Shot® or O-shot® (it’s not what you might be thinking). This shot of your own body’s platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is inserted into the vaginal tissues to help rebuild them. Loose skin around the vagina becomes tightened, which helps reduce urinary incontinence symptoms. 

Schedule an appointment with us 

If you are concerned about your urinary incontinence and want to learn more, we invite you to schedule an appointment by calling 702-342-0479 today. You can also easily book an appointment online. 

You don’t have to live with shame surrounding your condition any longer. Nurse practitioner Nesjan can work with you to find a treatment that works with your lifestyle, so you don’t have to plan your day around frequent bathroom visits. We look forward to hearing from you!

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